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Monday, September 15, 2014

Reasons you Didn’t Get the Interview

You have a perfect resume and you know you are the perfect person for the job you just applied for. You are very confident you are going to get called for an interview. However, you don’t get a call and you sit there unhappily wondering why. Here are a few reasons you didn’t get the interview for your dream job.
Too Many Applicants
One good reason is maybe there were more applicants than you thought there were. Maybe the job was posted publicly and many people applied. If this is the case, maybe someone better fitted for the job got the interview. Sorry to say that this happens a lot.
Spelling Problems Found in Your Resume
Another reason you didn’t get the interview is because your resume might be full of spelling and maybe even grammar mistakes. To avoid this, go over your resume carefully. Maybe even hire someone to go over it for you and make sure it is perfect when it comes to spelling and grammar. Doing so will help ensure your resume doesn’t get sent to the trash.
Sent it to the Wrong Address
If you accidentally sent it to the wrong email address, it sure won’t get read and you definitely won’t get a call for the interview. Make sure to review the email address carefully and even copy and paste it into the to field of the email you are sending. Doing this will ensure it is the right email address and maybe you will have a good chance at an interview.
Follow Instructions Carefully
If the instructions say to send a cover letter along with your resume, make sure you do this. Make sure to follow the instructions to a T and you have a better chance at getting called for an interview.
Personalize Your Cover Letter
Don’t copy and paste a canned cover letter, personalize it. Make it your own and make it stand out from others. This will ensure you get the interview and maybe even the job.
Too Long
Maybe your resume is too long and too wordy. Make sure it is just the right length. You don’t want it to get thrown in the trash and not read because you went overboard with it. Keep it simple yet make it look good at the same time without putting too much into it.
Experience is Irrelevant or Unrelated
If you are applying for a job where you don’t have experience, this is a good reason you didn’t get called for an interview. They will want someone with experience. Make sure your resume is filled with the experience that is related to the job you are applying to.
You might also be overqualified for this type of job too. They want someone just qualified enough to earn the desired income within their budget, not someone who will demand a higher rate of pay.
In conclusion, make sure you are applying for jobs that you are the right fit for. Make sure your resume and cover letter are perfect and make sure you are experienced in the job you are applying for.

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