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Thursday, September 25, 2014

CraftResumes.com - New Space Resume Service Review

My life after college

I was out of college and actually battling my way out in the real world. I've read a lot of articles in Forbes, Thought Catalog, Entrepreneur and so many sites about how to find a job. I mean, I just got out of college and I don't really have a lot of experience. I’m finding my dream job in a dream company. Who pays well, has a good address, can offer me a career growth and development and of course, a company that I will be happy working and that I can be proud of when people asks me where do I work. I have been throwing my resume from site to site, depositing them on talent banks which well- I saw has forty thousand applicants.

I tried CraftResume and their services

Then I read some article that focuses on us- newly graduates and it mentioned the importance of resumes and how quickly it gives an impression to HR people and how it can really get you an interview and of course, a job. I tried to search sites on how to really do it right and I tried every possible way- going clean and simple and just plain old boring with all my lame objectives and stuff.

Unemployment does suck.

That time I tried Craft Resume to give me confidence and edge. A banker friend of mine said I should try it and I did. I tried their Basic Resume Editing just for the kicks. It's pretty expensive to tell you, but come on. I thought this would help me land a job and I still went for it. For 100 bucks, they sent me a very nice resume.

  • It's very neat and precise using the very words that is being used in my industry- it's healthcare actually. It gets to the point and discusses my strengths and accomplishments.
  • I get to talk to them and then I found out that well, a writer from my own industry wrote it. She knew all along how the industry is and what it wants.
  • Professional support is also included and I did get some tips and advice about our industry.
After what I saw, I purchased their cover letter for another 50$. It's worth it. I can vouch for that! They made me a very professional but creative essay on how much I want the position and how my experience, though limited as may it seem, could deliver the results that they want and so much more. It's still precise and very neat. Just highlighting the things that I am good at and restructuring my resume as if I’m the best in the field.

Then I passed it - got a call within 4 and half days

And here I am right now, in one of the best tertiary hospital in the country!
I thank Craft Resume every day for helping me. Their site is at Craftresumes.com. You can visit them and see their very creative site.
The writing is very fast too, they asked me about a lot of things - it’s a full assessment to create a quality resume and then they have this stand by support when I saw something a little off in my resume. They fixed it. Squeaky easy!

I would definitely recommend you their services, prices are affordable, ranging from $49- $139 for packages. They have a Thank You Letter, a Follow up Letter which is very handy and the basic Resume and Cover letters. They do basic of everything as well as an all-out premium package with all the support that you need. It’s worth it. Thank you Craft Resume!

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